HR Wellbeing Academy

Everything Wellbeing Related You NEED to Know to Elevate Your Role in HR

We understand that bearing the responsibility of improving wellbeing in the workplace is a huge undertaking when you already have an extraordinarily long to-do list.

There is so much conflicting advice online about what you need for a successful strategy, and we hope to break this down for you into easily actionable steps that you can apply in the workplace straight away

The HR Wellbeing Academy is a FREE interactive online course that equips you with the tools to create, approve, and implement a wellbeing strategy unique to you and your organisation.

You don’t need to take the course all in one go, you can log out and return to complete the course at a later date if that works better for you!

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Leading This Course - Paul McGregor

My name is Paul and I want to be honest with you. My life was pretty ‘care free’ up until I was 18. I grew up in a loving household, I was pretty academic at school and I played football nearly every minute I had spare. My life was following a pretty ‘normal’ path, but then my life was turned upside down.

At 18, my Dad who showed no signs of depression or previous struggles with mental health, my Dad who had ‘everything’ on paper, attempted suicide. Just 2 days in to my new job.

His attempt came as a shock to us all, but he miraculously survived the accident. And after a few weeks in hospital physically recovering, he was home. But even though at the time we thought we’d escaped a nightmare, things got worse. On the 4th March 2009, just 6 months after his first sign of depression, my dad took his own life.

I continue to share my experiences and the experiences of others to stand up to the stigma that surrounds mental health and strive towards early intervention and better support for those who need it.

I started Everymind at Work and created this course as I believe that HR Professionals continue to bear the weight of supporting employee mental health, and it’s about time that they got some support in doing so. 

Weekly Check-Ins

Weekly window of opportunity to connect with other HR Professionals to discuss your wellbeing initiatives, your challenges and your wins. The perfect place to share ideas and support one another.

Everymind Resources

We provide a range of mental health resources and guides to support you in your HR role.

Networking Opportunities

Opportunities to connect with other HR Professionals and Thought Leaders in the wellbeing space.

What the HR Wellbeing Academy will do for you:

Example Curriculum


Welcome to the HR Wellbeing Academy

An Introduction

Where to Start

How to Develop a Wellbeing Strategy

Building a Wellbeing Roadmap

Improving Engagement

How to Get Buy In

Measuring Impact

BONUS - Building a Wellbeing Network

A Successful Future