We’ve launched the first on-demand support, designed for MHFAs & Champions.

We’re supporting the supporters

You might know them as Mental Health First Aiders, Wellbeing Ambassadors, Champions or maybe something else completely unique to your business. They are the people who volunteer their time and compassion to support their colleagues.

Right now, are you...

Concerned about the mental health of your MHFAs/Champions?

Who are often at a higher risk of burnout, overwhelm and associated mental health struggles due to the demands of the role.

Still taking a reactive approach?

An approach that waits until someone is in crisis instead of being prevention-focused. An approach that often fails to address underlying issues and causes, creating a cycle of reliance and one-off tick-box solutions.

Feel like you have no oversight of the network?

HR teams often report that there are no mental health conversations are taking place with MHFAs but when we speak with MHFAs, we often find out that they ARE holding supportive conversations.

Unsure how to track the impact of your wellbeing network?

There are no effective tools designed to track conversations that MHFAs & Champions are having and feeding the data back to the organisation.

Your wellbeing network holds the key

Truth is, the supporters are often left to fend for themselves. With every day that goes by, a neglected and unsupported network increases the risk of burnout, failures in safeguarding and vicarious trauma.

We refuse to let their goodwill come at the cost of their own wellbeing. This is your chance to do right by your network and improve organisational wellbeing.


of HR professionals feel employee wellbeing has improved since partnering with us


of MHFAs felt more confident in their role with our support


of MHFAs felt their mental health was better supported

Just a few of the changes you can expect once you partner with Everymind at Work. Results from our HR 2023 survey with 734 respondents.

One platform to support you and your network...

On-demand support line
A dedicated 9-5 support line run by a clinical team available to your MHFAs and Champions, Monday to Friday. With a guaranteed personal response within 24 hours, this is a safe space to discuss any difficult conversations they’re having.
24/7 access to our Skills Centre for on-demand training videos and wellbeing resources to help engage your network and upskill them.
A platform for MHFAs & Champions to record the conversations they’re having (with safeguarding and anonymity taken care of) and where you, as an organisation, can track the impact and gain real-time insights from your network. MHFAs log the factors surrounding the conversation, the location, where they were signposted and more.
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We're a really nice bunch

“We’ve completely transformed our MHFA and Champion network

“Everymind at Work has completely transformed our MHFA and Champion network.

After years of struggling with an unengaged (and relatively unknown) network within the business, we finally feel like we've got this right."

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A few things we can do to make your HR-ing easier

Prove impact with data around your network

Stronger peer-to-peer support networks mean proactive conversations happen as soon as possible. Supportive conversations are known to reduce absences and ensure support reaches individuals sooner rather than later.

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Identify safeguarding risks before they reach crisis point

The platform offers increased controls around your network, meaning any conversations logged can be reported as a safeguarding risk. This helps you reduce risk and demonstrate the impact of your network.

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Boost engagement and skills

When networks are left unsupported, engagement suffers. With the Everymind Platform, you empower your MHFAs & Champions with support, knowledge and confidence that helps you keep them engaged from day one.

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Frequently asked questions

We’ve helped organisations drive impact in many different ways. By improving the effectiveness of MHFA and Champion networks, we’ve helped reduce sickness absence related to stress and wellbeing and improve eNPS scores across organisations. Not only this, but many of our clients have become award-winning organisations, recognised for the support they provide to colleagues, winning awards from InsideOut and the British Safety Council. This impact cascades up, supporting organisations in retaining talent, driving productivity and brand reputation. To learn more, you can view our customer stories here and our full FAQ just here.

When considering the risks associated with a poorly supported wellbeing network, one significant concern for organisations is the potential failure to address foreseeable issues. This means that if an organisation is aware that MHFAs are struggling and the role is impacting their mental health, failing to establish a support system around them could be viewed as negligence in court. Secondly, if a MHFA provides inadequate advice to an individual in severe distress, the organisation may face significant implications. For instance, if a MHFA’s advice is seen as a key factor in an individual taking their own life, the employer could be held responsible.

We can, but we don’t recommend it. Our platform addresses two of the most common core challenges organisations face: engagement and tracking impact. However, we understand that, from a data perspective, the platform may not be an option for every organisation. While you can provide support separately, we often achieve the best impact when it’s implemented as a whole.

Absolutely! We can offer consultation and support you with a phased approach to get your network of MHFAs and Champions up and running. We can also provide resources on how to identify and train the right people, in addition to delivering the training for you. Wherever you are on your journey, we’re here to assist.

We’ve kept our pricing simple. Instead of variable pricing with licensing, we base the cost on the size of your MHFA network. This means straightforward pricing that you can easily budget for the year. We also offer flexibility in payment frequency; you can choose to pay the fee annually, quarterly, or monthly. To get a quote for your network today, please reach out to us.

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