This is our story

We’re just a group of people brought together by a mission that ensures everyone gets the support they deserve. Each one of us has a personal story or lived experience, which lead them to Everymind. We’re grateful that what started as an idea written in a notepad by Paul (our founder), is now a wellbeing partner supporting 100s of organisations...

Our values


Our approach is shaped by personal experiences and the positive impact we can create.


To empower employees to speak openly about their mental health.


Connecting people through shared, lived experiences.


Taking a proactive over reactive approach to workplace wellbeing.

How our story began

The Inspiration

At 18, Paul’s dad who had ‘everything’ on paper, tragically took his own life.

For years, he struggled with grief, depression and anxiety. With time, I realised I wasn’t the only one who had gone through this and I won’t be the last. I knew he had to tell his story and in the hope of inspiring others and to help those struggling feel less alone. I shared everywhere I could; online, in-person, at workplaces, events..

Although I saw the positive impact my story was having on people, sharing it wasn’t easy.

Suddenly, I had others share their stories back and I wasn’t fully prepared for the heavy conversations and had no support available to turn to. Eventually, I had to stop telling my story because my own mental health was being impacted in ways I never expected.

It wasn’t until I had immediate support and reassurance from an expert that I felt confident enough to continue helping others.

I knew this is what Everymind at Work had to become. We had to become the support I never had.

Our values are embedded in who we are & everything we do

Meet the team

Disclaimer: our bios are a good read.

The Inspiration

Paul McGregor

CEO & Founder

Emily Addison

Partner Development, Senior Manager

James Kirkman

Managing Director

Jessica Robson

Community Lead & Speaker

James Mace


Zoe Parker

Head of HR

Samuel Roberts

Senior Sales & Marketing Manager

Kayleigh Fuller

Senior Manager, Training and Development & Speaker

Lara Saad

Digital Marketing Executive

Lauren Callaghan

Clinical Psychologist

Milly Dexter

Trainee Counselling Psychologist

Jo McDonnell

Wellbeing Business Consultant

Meg Barr

Wellbeing Strategy Consultant

Jemma Bell

Wellbeing Business Consultant