Manager training that actually makes a difference

Not your standard soul-less sessions, our training empowers managers to feel more confident and skilled in proactively supporting their team’s wellbeing (and their own).

87% of delegates have left the training with increased knowledge, behaviours and skills to support employee wellbeing

98% of managers we’ve trained would recommend the training to their colleagues.

100% of people we’ve trained have felt engaged throughout the training and empowered by the end to support their teams.

70% of employees said their manager has more impact on their mental health than their therapist or doctor*

*according to studies by The Workforce Institute at UKG

Reasons why your managers need this training👇

Psychological safety matters

Our sessions give your managers the tools to step into their own and be accountable (in all the right ways) when it comes to creating a safe and secure environment for themselves and their team.

This is the kind of top-down approach we believe in. Manager training is a sure way of reducing stigma, education, awareness and understanding within the leadership team is what gives the employees permission to reach out before crisis occurs.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; wellbeing is not just a HR initiative. If your organisation is serious about wellbeing, manager training is a quick win with major impact for the wider organisation.

Most manager training courses don’t have a lasting impact and that’s usually down to the lack of actionable steps and tools your leadership team can take and practically implement on a daily basis. Our clinically-backed techniques and tools equip them with everything they need to support employees AND themselves. Inevitably creating positive ripples in the orgainsation, one team at a time.

Reality is, resilient leaders manage people better. They have the ability to sustain their energy level under pressure, to cope with disruptive changes and adapt. They bounce back from setbacks and role model resilient behaviour to their teams. Our manager-specific resilience workshop trains managers to build their own and their teams resilience.

Can your managers handle difficult conversations?

Our sessions give managers the tools and knowledge they need to create psychologically safe and supportive work environments within their teams. The training offers a platform for managers to share challenges they are facing with employee wellbeing within their roles, allowing support and guidance from their peers and facilitators.

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Becoming the manager everyone wishes they had

We train your managers exactly how they can hold and navigate supportive (and sensitive) discussions, when it comes to an employee’s mental wellbeing; from effective communication techniques to implementing strategies within the team that create a safe space for everyone.

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Setting (healthy) boundaries for them

It’s so important that manager’s to recognise the signs of compassion fatigue within themselves and use proactive self-care strategies to reduce its risk. Giving them the skills to look after themselves is what helps them effectively take care of their teams. It also sets a pretty good example.

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Spotting the signs means preventing crisis

Your managers will learn how to recognise signs of poor mental health and understand their potential impact on the person who’s struggling, the team and them as a manager. More than that, they’ll learn how to provide the right support during mental health-related absences and returns to work. We’re serious about covering everything.

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Support doesn’t stop after the training

Unlike other standard training, we do aftercare (no, it’s not Graham from The Jeremy Kyle Show). We provide a monthly manager pack, which is full of resources, topical support and actionable exercises they can use to help themselves and the people they manage. One and done just isn’t in our dictionary.

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