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MHFA’s weren't given the support to succeed & we’re putting it right.

A strong peer-to-peer network prevents individuals from reaching crisis, offering proactive support as soon as possible. Sadly, most MHFA and Champions networks were trained and forgotten, putting the organisation and network at risk. That’s why we’ve created the first-ever on-demand support specifically designed for MHFAs & Champions.

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One place, your wellbeing network supported.

1-1 clinical support

Our 9-5 support line is available to your MHFAs and Champions Monday to Friday. Run by a clinical team, you’ll have peace of mind that your network has someone to reach out to when they’re struggling or need guidance with difficult conversations.

Within our platform, your MHFAs can access our Skills Centre for on-demand training and wellbeing resources. Not only do the resources upskill individuals, but they can also find content dedicated to supporting their own wellbeing, such as mindfulness exercises, breathwork, and more.

We run live training events every month to engage, develop and ensure skills remain up-to-date. They’ll join a community of other MHFA’s & Champions and have the opportunity to ask questions to our presenters as well as learn from industry experts.

Unlike most tools, we ensure data is controlled in one place so confidentiality and privacy is never at risk. Plus, our approach aligns with a number of measures set out in ISO45003 and ensures safeguarding risks are flagged.

Within our platform, MHFAs anonymously log conversations with a number of key data points. This allows you to not only track how many conversations are happening across the network but also the location they’re happening in, where individuals are being signposted and much more.

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of our partners recommend us to other organisations, explore our case studies to learn why.


of workplaces recognised an improvement in employee wellbeing since partnering with us.


of Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAs) expressed a need for additional support in their roles.

Higher engagement and bigger impact

Traditional wellbeing provisions such as EAPs experience low engagement and operate in a reactive way. In contrast, our platform typically achieves an 85% engagement rate.

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Insights to feed your wellbeing strategy

Through our dashboard, uncover the mental health and wellbeing challenges employees are facing along with location-specific data.

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With our support, BWB have achieved a 54% reduction in sickness absence related to stress and wellbeing

Our support is already delivering real change

Yes, all our partners love our support (& us) this much

EAPs weren’t designed to support MHFAs

EAPs do not provide adequate support for your wellbeing network. They need a support system designed for them along with key resources to ensure they’re operating in a safe manner and fully supported in their role.

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Our customers are award winners

Our approach is turning organisations into renowned award winners. Portakabin won the Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) award at InsideOut, while another client became the first organisation ever to be recognised with a world-class safety, wellbeing, and sustainability ‘treble’ from the British Safety Council.

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What our customers are saying

“We’ve absolutely seen absenteeism in relation to mental health challenges dramatically reduce, in fact we’ve seen a 54% reduction in sickness absence related to stress and wellbeing. We’re being far more proactive and able to support individuals before they have to contemplate or take time out of the workplace which is incredibly positive.”

Sarah Walker

HR Director


employees supported


reduction in sickness absence related to stress and wellbeing

“Thank you to Everymind at Work for supporting our wellbeing programme throughout 2023. We have seen a huge increase in our eNPS wellbeing score which now sits at 51, this is +11 since January and is 28 points above the Peakon benchmark.”

Caz Meech

Head of Global Communications and Engagement


employees globally

51 eNPS

wellbeing score achieved

“The Everymind MHFA Platform helps me access wellbeing data around the nature of mental health conversations happening. Whether it's large-scale manager training, Champion workshops, or MHFA support, the best thing about Everymind at Work is knowing I can put complete trust in them. ”

Kelly Osborne

Head of Health & Wellbeing


employees enrolled into resilience programme

250+ MHFAs

supported by the Everymind Platform

“We are truly pleased with the ongoing supervision and training that Everymind at Work delivers to our network of Mental Health First Aiders. The support provided to our wellbeing network throughout the entire year gives us peace of mind and reinforces our confidence in the effectiveness of our wellbeing strategy.”

Rebekah Smallwood

Head of Organisational Development


employees supported

25+ MHFAs

supported by the Everymind Platform

“In our most recent Everymind webinar, we were asked how supported do you feel with your mental health within the business and I'm really proud to say 86% of people said they were well supported. I don't think we would have got that kind of score without the support we have from Everymind at work.”

Clare Midley-Jewitt

Head of Learning & Development


employees across business


reported feeling well supported!

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A few frequently asked questions

Explore some of the most common questions below, you can also take a look at our full FAQ linked below!

In the simplest terms, our platform allows organisations to provide a strong support system for their MHFA and Champion networks. The result is a more effective network that helps reduce sickness absence related to stress and well-being, lower levels of mental health stigma (cultural change), and improvements to EVP, with eNPS scores improving across several large organisations. Additionally, many of our clients have become award-winning organisations, recognised for the support they provide, winning awards from InsideOut and the British Safety Council. To learn more, you can view our customer stories here and our full FAQ just here.

The risks behind a poorly supported wellbeing network include:

  • The failure to address foreseeable issues. This means that if an organisation is aware that an MHFA is struggling in their role and it’s impacting their mental health, a failure to provide support could be viewed as negligence in court.
  • If an MHFA provides poor advice to an individual in severe distress or fails to take the right actions, the organisation may face significant implications.
  • The lack of a support system around the network also impacts the Health & Safety obligations the organisation must meet.

There is a lack of public cases around the above issues as many are wrapped up within non-disclosure agreements. Every week, we speak with organisations that have encountered these scenarios and have been pushed to implement the necessary systems and support for MHFAs and Champions.

Absolutely. We can offer consultation and support you with a phased approach to get your network of MHFAs and Champions up and running. We can also provide resources on how to identify and train the right people, in addition to delivering the training for you. Wherever you are on your journey, we’re here to assist.

Many organisations have tried this approach, but the results have been poor. This is because the EAP service was not designed to support MHFAs and Champions; it was designed to meet the overall needs of all employees. Without the context of the role of MHFAs or Champions, it is unlikely to provide the right guidance, support, and reassurance needed. For example, an EAP can’t offer a debrief after a difficult conversation with a colleague or provide guidance on how to initiate conversations with someone an MHFA is concerned about. The skill set and wellbeing needs of MHFAs and Champions are vastly different from the rest of the employee population.

Another key factor to consider is that EAPs typically have long response times, which isn’t useful to MHFAs or Champions. There are many situations where they need to be proactive. Evidence shows that the sooner individuals get support, the better the outcomes in terms of their recovery and ability to manage mental health-related issues.

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