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Driven by purpose,
instead of pounds.

We believe that wellbeing support must come from a place of genuine care for employees to truly get on board. The Everymind partnership is designed to achieve this, giving you proactive support throughout the year including a 12-month wellbeing roadmap, wellbeing webinars, virtual workshops, our wellbeing app, employee awareness comms, and much more – helping your people stay happy, healthy and productive.

Free wellbeing sessions every month

We know it’s hard to support employees whilst you’re juggling everything else. That’s why we deliver free monthly webinars for HR & People Professionals that are packed with wellbeing resources and support so you can make a difference 🙏

Get your people finally engaged with wellbeing 🙌

Engagement can be more than just a buzzword – and we’ll prove it. It’s about running the right initiatives that connect with your employees and uncovering exactly what they want.

Our wellbeing speakers and educators have a style of delivery that you won’t often encounter, it’s the reason our engagement rate across our wellbeing webinars is so high. Why not reach out to us and we’ll show you why?

Normalise the challenges that your employees face

Through our wellbeing app (and many other interventions), your employees will be able to hear powerful and personal stories from those who’ve gone through their own mental health struggles – helping to remove the isolation that burdens those experiencing mental ill health.

This not only helps you challenge the stigma surrounding mental health across your business but also provides real-life examples of those who’ve overcome their struggles.

Why should we spend money on mental wellbeing?

Because you don’t need a degree to know that happier employees create healthier businesses, plus there’s plenty of evidence here to prove it.

Who would say no to reduced absence, higher productivity, better employee retention and most important of all, a happier workforce?

Fed up of tried and failed wellbeing initiatives?

So are your employees. Most of all, we’re fed up of the ‘tick box’ wellbeing initiatives, the soulless reward programmes and the reactive approach of EAPs.

We know it’s overwhelming though and that’s why our partnership is designed to give you everything you need to take a proactive approach to wellbeing in the workplace and make your initiatives a success.

Fancy stats can mislead,
experiences can’t.

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the data but what really matters is the meaningful impact we have on individuals. This has been our focus since day one…

Not ready to speak with us?

That’s okay. We understand that often you need to explore all the options out there to see what fits with your wellbeing strategy. Our brochure will give you a complete picture of what we do and how we can help you take a proactive approach to wellbeing at work!

Why businesses choose Everymind

Our growing community of 2,162 HR & People Professionals improving wellbeing in the workplace.

To create the necessary culture shift to promote wellbeing.

To actually engage employees with wellbeing in the workplace.

To hear powerful stories that normalise the MH challenges we may face in life.

To help employees proactively support their own wellbeing.

To give their HR team the necessary support, resources and guidance.

To tackle and reduce mental health stigma in the workplace.

What our customers are saying

Everymind at Work's person-centered approach was a huge sell for us. The best thing about them, is the people that work for them! Plus the easy-to-use app with engaging content and support is relevant, fresh and simple to use
Kelly Osborne
Head of Health and Wellbeing, Wates
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We see Everymind at Work as an extended part of our wellbeing team. A partner who truly cares for our colleagues as if they were their own. There is definitely a cultural shift on the horizon and as a business, we are committed to doing our part.
Rebekah Smallwood
Society Engagement Manager, The Midcounties Co-operative
Jess and Paul's sessions were brilliant and the response we had was oustanding. More employees have been opening up and talking with us; the feedback we got was amazing and took us by surprise.
Joanne Aldridge
Head of Franchise, Holiday Franchise
I was really sold by the roadmap and wellbeing calendar that supports workplace mental health. This means we're able to support HR's workload so that we don't miss out on important mental health days throughout the year that are crucial.
Cheryl Earle
Head of Human Resources, ITC

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