How Portakabin Developed an Award-Winning MHFA Network

Webinar Replay

In this session, Paul McGregor was joined by Corina Carney (Health & Wellbeing Specialist at Portakabin) to walk through the process of building a successful MHFA network. Central to their approach was a framework for ensuring safe and ethical practice, a vital but often overlooked aspect of the effectiveness of MHFA and Champion networks. During this session, they explore:

  • Portakabin’s uniqueapproach that’s helped them continually upskill and support their network
  • What safe and ethical practice really looks like with MHFAs
  • How you can approach MHFA recruitment more effectively and well informed
  • Why tracking mental-health conversations is key to demonstrating impact
  • How Portakabin continually assess their network leveraging a key principle document
  • What’s necessary to drive strong engagement with a peer-to-peer support network

Supporting Downloads

The Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Key Principles Template

This document outlines the core role of a Mental Health First Aider (MHFA) within the organisation including the expectations, responsibilities and fundamental principles that underpin your conduct within your helping role.