The Wellbeing Provisions That Are Failing Employees

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Following Covid, there was a boom in wellbeing provisions and a boom in organisations investing. We saw the introduction of hundreds of wellbeing provisions and initiatives, all offering big promises. Fast forward 4 years, and many question marks have been raised about the effectiveness of these programmes, the ethics behind them and their return on investment. In this session, Paul McGregor (Founder, Everymind at Work) explores this topic in detail, joined by two special guests discussing:

  • The current data on the wellbeing provisions out there.
  • Why it’s important for us to also debunk headlines. For instance, is it really true that ‘wellbeing apps don’t work’?
  • The big reasons why existing provisions are failing and how organisations can address them.
  • The key role of Mental Health First Aiders in any wellbeing strategy

Supporting resources

Mental Health First Aider Principles Template

This document outlines the core role of a Mental Health First Aider (MHFA) within the organisation including the expectations, responsibilities and fundamental principles that underpin your conduct within your helping role.

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