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Truth be told, MHFA training wasn’t designed for the workplace. We wrap a training programme around your network that ensures they operate in a safe, compassionate and effective way.

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MHFAs & Champions can learn at their own pace and on their own schedule using whatever device works best for them.

Live monthly development sessions gives your network an opportunity to join a community of other MHFAs & Champions.

Instant access to engaging and empowering content at your wellbeing network’s fingertips.

When dealing with mental health,
a 2-day course isn’t enough...

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Bespoke resources designed to upskill your MHFAs

The Skills Centre offers exercises, upskilling videos and access to live training & development sessions. Our ongoing training is both accessible and engaging, through using firsthand experience and backed by clinical psychology. We continuously update and expand our platform’s content based on feedback from the MHFAs and Champions we support, ensuring it meets everything they need.


We won’t bore you with the ‘Forgetting Curve’ research, but after just 7 days, people forget a huge 90 percent of the information in their training.

Boost engagement & empower your wellbeing network

24/7 access to wellbeing content

Accessed through the Skills Centre, your MHFAiders and Champions can learn at their own pace and on their own schedule using their preferred device. It’s always at their fingertips.

We run at least one training webinar a month for your network. They’ll join a community of other MHFAiders & Champions and have the opportunity to direct questions to our presenters. Learning from industry experts on a variety of topics, they’ll cover areas such as setting personal boundaries and crisis prevention.

The Skills Centre provides in the moment exercises, upskilling videos and access to live development sessions. All of our ongoing training is accessible and engaging, we combine lived experience with clinical psychology. We regularly update and add content to the platform based on what our MHFAs & Champions are telling us they need.

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I’ve felt lost and alone at times in my role, and knowing Everymind is there helps with that.

James, MHFA within Wates Construction

Further knowledge and upskilling at their fingertips.

Our Skills Centre provides in the moment exercises, upskilling videos and access to live development sessions. All of our on going training is accessible and engaging, we combine lived experience with clinical psychology. Updated regularly, we’re always listening to our MHFA’s and adding further knowledge to the platform.

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Live sessions for upskilling and a safe space to get their questions answered

Alongside at least one live training session every month, they’ll join a community of other MHFA’s & Champions to feel connected, have opportunity to learn from industry experts on a variety of topics and do Q&A’s with our presenters.

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Get peace of mind knowing your network has instant access to further training

You’ll save a huge amount of ££££’s and time on L&D costs too but this isn’t the only benefit to our platform.

Frequently asked questions

In the simplest terms, our platform allows organisations to provide a strong support system for their MHFA and Champion networks. The result is a more effective network that helps reduce sickness absence related to stress and well-being, lower levels of mental health stigma (cultural change), and improvements to EVP, with eNPS scores improving across several large organizations. Additionally, many of our clients have become award-winning organisations, recognised for the support they provide, winning awards from InsideOut and the British Safety Council. To learn more, you can view our customer stories here and our full FAQ just here.

The risks behind a poorly supported wellbeing network include:

  • The failure to address foreseeable issues. This means that if an organisation is aware that an MHFA is struggling in their role and it’s impacting their mental health, a failure to provide support could be viewed as negligence in court.
  • If an MHFA provides poor advice to an individual in severe distress or fails to take the right actions, the organisation may face significant implications.
  • The lack of a support system around the network also impacts the Health & Safety obligations the organisation must meet.

There is a lack of public cases around the above issues as many are wrapped up within non-disclosure agreements. Every week, we speak with organisations that have encountered these scenarios and have been pushed to implement the necessary systems and support for MHFAs and Champions.

Absolutely. We can offer consultation and support you with a phased approach to get your network of MHFAs and Champions up and running. We can also provide resources on how to identify and train the right people, in addition to delivering the training for you. Wherever you are on your journey, we’re here to assist.

Many organisations have tried this approach, but the results have been poor. This is because the EAP service was not designed to support MHFAs and Champions; it was designed to meet the overall needs of all employees. Without the context of the role of MHFAs or Champions, it is unlikely to provide the right guidance, support, and reassurance needed. For example, an EAP can’t offer a debrief after a difficult conversation with a colleague or provide guidance on how to initiate conversations with someone an MHFA is concerned about. The skill set and wellbeing needs of MHFAs and Champions are vastly different from the rest of the employee population.

Another key factor to consider is that EAPs typically have long response times, which isn’t useful to MHFAs or Champions. There are many situations where they need to be proactive. Evidence shows that the sooner individuals get support, the better the outcomes in terms of their recovery and ability to manage mental health-related issues.

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