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After becoming an Everymind champion, I feel so lucky to have taken this short course to expand my skills even further, in order to support my colleagues whenever they need it. I think Everymind are wonderful and are opening conversations up around mental health in the work place that haven’t previously been had.


Everymind champion

Sometimes there is just too much information out there about mental health that it gets overwhelming. My colleague sent the Everymind Champion course around and it was a no-brainer. It was great that I could fit in the course in between everything else.


Everymind champion

I’ve been going through my own personal stresses and I’m putting into practise some of the things I've learned through the Everymind Champion course. I’ve found it’s helped me segregate the different ways I can help myself and break things down. It puts me in a better position to then be able to support other people too.


Everymind champion

Being a standalone HR, managers often come to me for advice on everything wellbeing related, these sessions have helped me feel more prepared and confident to tackle these queries. Always looking forward to the next session.


Head of HR

These monthly sessions always make me feel like I can tackle the world! So refreshing.


HR Advisor

I absolutely love these sessions. The chat function is always on fire throughout the webinar - such a great community to be a part of too!


Learning & Development Lead

I'm blown away. This is my first session but consider me very much into every single one of these! What incredible information, and there are new and innovative ways of presenting this. I'd consider myself pretty 'up' on wellbeing info, but I've learned so much.


Wellbeing Lead

This community is packed with talented individuals who share the same enthusiasm. It's not just a place to network; it's a platform where we can connect, exchange experiences, and dive deep into the real-world challenges and triumphs of the HR profession.


People & Culture Lead

I really enjoy the meet & learn sessions each week. They are a great way to find out information and network with other HR colleagues, to brainstorm and share ideas, and I have learnt so much from others and will be looking to implement some of those ideas in my business. Everyone is really supportive and there are some great thought provoking topics all of which are very relevant and help me build my own MHFA network and plans.


HR Business Partner

I love the coming together of like-minded people to share our wins and challenges, great conversation talking about different wellbeing topics and learning from each other’s knowledge and experience. It's so easy to get bogged down in what is happening in our own worlds so the Academy is a great opportunity to just take a step back and share some challenging issues and see how others would deal with them too. It is so helpful to feel that this network is there to keep on learning and growing together.


Learning & Development Lead

I have loved every minute of being part of the academy! The ability to connect with HR professionals across the UK and discuss the best ways to support colleagues has been an invaluable experience. I have learned so much already. Jessica leads the sessions wonderfully, and I always leave the calls with lots of learnings, insights and ideas. My only regret is that I didn't join it sooner!


HR Director

I always leave the monthly MHFA development sessions feeling more positive and ready to help others, one of the reasons why I wanted to be MHFAider is to support others in the best I can.


MHFA at Wates Group

As a MHFA, I love having a safe place I can share my experiences with others who are going through similar things. Having the opportunity to share ideas and discuss with other MHFAiders is the community and support I needed to do my best in this role.


MHFA at Pharmaron

Taking part in the Menti polls and having group discussions on each question is my favourite part of the development sessions. We cover so many different topics each month with the opportunity to always bring our own questions to the session.


MHFA at Aldermore

In the past, being a MHFA (or a supporter) has felt quite lonely at times. Joining these sessions every month has really helped me feel supported and part of a community, where everyone is on the same mission. They are always a great reminder that looking after our own wellbeing is important too.



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Inspiring, raw, complicated and real. These are the stories from our Everymind Champions who take their own experiences of mental ill health and use them as a catalyst for change.

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A champion’s story

Ramona's Story

I've really made an effort to look after myself better - whether it's going for daily walks or runs, diving into meditation courses for my wellbeing, or simply jotting down things I'm grateful for each day in my journal, these practices have truly made a difference in how I approach life.

How becoming a champion helped me

The course was a game-changer for me. It's not just reinforced what I've already been doing; it's given me that extra push to be there for my loved ones and even acquaintances when they need someone to listen.

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Frequently asked questions

Not only has our research revealed that 90% of Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAs) express a need for additional support, but through working with hundreds of organisations, we also found that the vast majority of MHFAs have lived experience of mental health issues. Meaning, they’re significantly at higher risk of burnout and stress-related absence due to the role they play. So, despite their passion and dedication to supporting others, they also require ongoing support and development themselves. The key benefit for MHFAs is knowing that they have somewhere to go when they are struggling or if they’re unsure of how to approach a particular situation. Better mental health outcomes for them means better support for the wider employee population.

While there’s currently no defined legal requirement for supporting MHFAs, ongoing government discussions suggest that this may change in the near future. When considering the risks associated with a poorly supported wellbeing network, one significant concern for organisations is the potential failure to address foreseeable issues. This means that if an organisation is aware that MHFAs are struggling and the role is impacting their mental health, failing to establish a support system around them could be viewed as negligence in court.

Secondly, if a MHFA provides inadequate advice or guidance to an individual in distress, the organisation may face significant implications, assuming vicarious liability. For instance, if a MHFA’s advice is seen as a key factor in an individual taking their own life, the employer could be held responsible.

Finally, public cases regarding these risks are often scarce due to their sensitive nature and the presence of non-disclosure agreements. Nevertheless, our experts in Health & Safety and Human Resources have encountered numerous situations where improved training, ongoing support and the implementation of proper systems within the network would have been the solution.

We can, but we don’t recommend it. Our platform addresses two of the most common core challenges organisations face: engagement and tracking impact. However, we understand that, from a data perspective, the platform may not be an option for every organisation. While you can provide support separately, we often achieve the best impact when it’s implemented as a whole.

Absolutely! We can offer consultation sessions along with an engagement webinar to help give you confidence when developing your network of MHFAs and Champions. We can also provide resources on how to identify and train the right people, in addition to delivering the training for you. Wherever you are on your journey, we’re here to assist.

We’ve kept our pricing simple. Instead of variable pricing with licensing, we base the cost on the size of your MHFA network. This means straightforward pricing that you can easily budget for the year. We also offer flexibility in payment frequency; you can choose to pay the fee annually, quarterly, or monthly. To get a dedicated quote for your network today, please get in touch.

We support organisations from various industries, ranging from pharmaceutical companies to construction, each with its unique procurement process. While we can’t provide exact timeframes, we work diligently on our end to ensure a smooth transition for you. This is support that your network and you deserve, so we’ll do everything we can to make it happen.

Unlike an EAP, our support is specifically designed for MHFAs, Champions, and individuals within an organisation who support others with mental health. It’s built on the supervision model, which means we provide bespoke guidance and support to individuals within their supportive role. This includes debriefs after difficult conversations with colleagues, guidance on how to initiate conversations with someone they’re concerned about, and even support on how to provide referrals or set boundaries. This isn’t counselling for your network; it’s supervision support specifically designed for them. It’s accessible within 24 hours, one-on-one, Monday to Friday.

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