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We’ve helped organisations drive impact in many different ways. By improving the effectiveness of MHFA and Champion networks, we’ve helped reduce sickness absence related to stress and wellbeing and improve eNPS scores across organisations. Not only this, but many of our clients have become award-winning organisations, recognised for the support they provide to colleagues, winning awards from InsideOut and the British Safety Council. This impact cascades up, supporting organisations in retaining talent, driving productivity and brand reputation. To learn more, you can view our customer stories here and our full FAQ just here.

When considering the risks associated with a poorly supported wellbeing network, one significant concern for organisations is the potential failure to address foreseeable issues. This means that if an organisation is aware that MHFAs are struggling and the role is impacting their mental health, failing to establish a support system around them could be viewed as negligence in court. Secondly, if a MHFA provides inadequate advice to an individual in severe distress, the organisation may face significant implications. For instance, if a MHFA’s advice is seen as a key factor in an individual taking their own life, the employer could be held responsible.

Public cases regarding these risks are often scarce due to their sensitive nature and the presence of non-disclosure agreements. Nevertheless, experts in Health & Safety and Human Resources have encountered numerous situations where improved training, ongoing support and the implementation of proper systems within the network would have been the solution.

Absolutely! We can offer consultation and support you with a phased approach to get your network of MHFAs and Champions up and running. We can also provide resources on how to identify and train the right people, in addition to delivering the training for you. Wherever you are on your journey, we’re here to assist.

Everymind cannot protect you if an employee makes a claim against you within the workplace. It is worth noting that, in 2018, there was a 37% rise in employment tribunals for disability discrimination, with cases decided on their own merits.

However, if you are a company that’s established a series of systems and preventative measures around mental health and wellbeing, this will reduce the likelihood of an employee making such a claim. Our MHFA Platform and App support such proactive steps whilst also creating a positive representation of your company.

Not only has our research revealed that 90% of Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAs) express a need for additional support, but through working with hundreds of organisations, we also found that the vast majority of MHFAs have lived experience of mental health issues. Meaning, they’re significantly at higher risk of burnout and stress-related absence due to the role they play. So, despite their passion and dedication to supporting others, they also require ongoing support and development themselves. The key benefit for MHFAs is knowing that they have somewhere to go when they are struggling or if they’re unsure of how to approach a particular situation. Better mental health outcomes for them means better support for the wider employee population.

When we on-board any new user, we only require an email address and a Company ID unique to your organisation. Once signed up the email address used is encrypted. So when we track app usage for reporting purposes, no company will be able to link any data back to an individual employee.

We also understand the challenges of maintaining the anonymity of users in smaller organisations. That’s why if we feel any users anonymity may be at risk, due to the number of users within your organisations, we will not be able to offer reporting at a company level. However, we will be able to provide reporting at an industry specific level.

Currently, the platform and app are only available in English.

As long as you and your employees have an IOS or Android smartphone you will be able to access the app.

All data is encrypted and transmitted to the best industry standard, and leverages the largest cloud computing companies in the world to keep it safe. There is always a risk of data being stolen, however, we use the best encryption and protection services to mitigate the risk as much as possible.

When you open the app, click ‘forgot password’ on the Sign In screen. It will ask you to enter an Email address. Enter the email you used to sign up and check your inbox for further instructions.

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