Workshops that create action, not just awareness

Designed by clinical psychologists and delivered by wellbeing pros, our interactive, 2.5 hour workshops give your people the tools and support they need to be the best they can be inside & outside of work.

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The workshops are delivered in a way that people respond to and truly engage with.

Always motivational and interactive! We get positive feedback from the employees after every session.

Next-level impact across the organisation. There is always a chat in the kitchen about the workshops, sometimes even days later.

100% clinically-verified sessions paired with personal lived experience

Meet our speakers

Leading the way: supporting mental health at work

Our manager training empowers your SLT to build the confidence and know-how to drive real change and proactively support their team’s wellbeing as well as their own; from manager-specific resilience training to crisis prevention.

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Bouncing back resilience workshop

Our resilience workshop is designed to build self-awareness from within. We use real-life examples and personal experience to break down stigma and to truly understand what resilience is. With our tried-and-tested techniques, we train your employees how to use them to overcome the challenges they’re facing.

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Managing crisis in the workplace

This is for every organisation who wants to know the right thing to do. This workshop covers 4 incredibly important points, including how to safely manage situations involving suicide risk at work using a crisis framework and understanding self-harm and how to provide support. This is the kind of training that saves lives.

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How to support a young person with their mental health

We’re not a budget airline, we understand employees can’t leave their personal baggage at home and they should feel safe to bring it to work (at no extra cost to their wellbeing). We designed this workshop for the employees who are parents or are caring for a young person, they’ll learn how to recognise the signs of poor mental health, effective communication styles and so much more.

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