Resources for Managers

Free resources that managers can use and share with their teams to help improve wellbeing!

Resources to support team wellbeing

Supporting your financial wellbeing

In this free financial health check video series, Lloyd Magee (Financial Advisor at Invictus Weal...

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How to appreciate your employees (on a budget)

When the word ‘reward’ is mentioned, many companies perceive this to be at a high cost to the org...

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Understand your wellbeing with the Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life is a tool designed to help you understand how balanced, or fulfilled you feel your life is at this moment.

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Uncover your values with one simple exercise

Knowing our core values is important. This exercise helps you to both identify and prioritise what matters to you.


How to manage stress and a heavy workload

Here you can find out how to help your team understand and spot the signs of stress, as well as providing advice for managing heavy workloads.


Resources for when you need to signpost

Everymind at Work Mental Health Support Directory

More than just a directory, this guide helps those in crisis understand exactly where they can find help and what to expect.

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How to take action when you think someone is in crisis

Worried that someone might be struggling? Learn how to approach the situation along with where your responsibility ends.