How to Start Tracking Your Spend

In this 5 part video series, Lloyd Magee (Financial Advisor, Invictus Wealth Consultants) joins Everymind at Work to give you a free financial health check. In this course, you’ll learn how to track your spend, set goals and objectives, make your money go further and fully maximise your savings.

Understanding where you are right now with your finances is key. In this first video, Lloyd Magee explains how you can conduct a financial review, providing tips to help you to start tracking your expenditure.

How to Set Your Goals & Objectives

Setting goals and objectives are key. In this video Lloyds explains how short, medium and long-term goals are key to effectively managing your finances.

How To Make Your Money Go Further

In this video, Lloyd explains how to make your monthly budget go further, such as performing comparisons across existing services and ways to optimise your existing spend.

The Impact of Debt on Mental Health

In this video, Lloyd explains how you can better manage any debt you may currently have.

How to Maximise Your Savings

Saving is incredibly important to meet our long-term financial goals. In this video, Lloyd provides a range of tips to ensure that you’re saving in the best possible way.