Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

We’re here to make your job that little bit easier. This year’s theme is Loneliness.
Download all the latest resources for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week to share with your employees!

Building Connections

Check out the resources below to help you build connections with the people around you.

Building Your Support Network

Identifying the people you can go to for support is so important. Download this resource to help you do this!

How To Talk About Mental Health

Mental Health can be hard to talk about, you can use this guide to help navigate those difficult conversations.

Connecting with Yourself

 When we connect with ourselves, we get to know ourselves better and become aware of who we are and what we are capable of – better understanding ourselves and others. Remember you can’t pour from an empty cup. 

Ways to Invest in Your Mental Health

Explore all of the different ways that you can invest 
in your mental health today!

3 Breathing Techniques to Try...

Connecting to your mind and body can help reduce stress and anxiety. Here’s a step-by-step guide for 3 breathing techniques you can use. 

Some extra resources for you...

Here are some resources to help you embed employee wellbeing within your workplace 365 days a year. 

The Everymind at Work Mental Health Support Directory

More than just a directory, this guide helps those in crisis understand exactly where they can find help and what to expect.

The Everymind
Champion Course

This FREE course will give your employees the basic tools they need to support themselves and others in the workplace!

Need an example email to send out with the content?

We’ve put together email templates which could be used to support the documents that you can send out!

10 Easy Workplace Wellbeing Activity Ideas…

Scratching your head not knowing what to do? Here are 10 suggestions...