The Everymind at Work Mental Health Support Directory

More than just a directory, this guide helps those in crisis understand exactly where they can find help and what to expect.


What you will get from downloading this resource:

We have created the Everymind at Work Mental Health Support Directory so that everyone can be armed with the information they need should they be in a position to signpost and support a colleague, friend, family member or stranger.

More than just a quick Google search

We have taken the time to analyse the external support available to you and your employees. In this directory, you will not only find helplines but details on the exact services offered by each organisation, as well as what to expect from the process.

Reassurance your employees can support themselves and others.

With key external support listed in one place, your employees will know where to look should they need to signpost themselves or others to specialist support.

Knowledge of the support channels that are out there

As a mental health partner to 100+ businesses, we are on hand to help! If you feel your wellbeing approach needs to be more proactive, we have just the strategy for you. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you, your employees and your business.

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