HR Professionals Weekly Catch Up

What: A virtual HR get together to connect with others, discuss wellbeing and absolutely anything else!

When: Every Friday morning 9am

(starting 9th June 2023)

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What you can expect...

We know how tough it is as a HR professional today. That’s why our weekly get-togethers are all about connecting with others, helping you feel less isolated in the day-to-day struggles and asking for advice for ways to support both yourself and your people. Whether you’re seeking new connections, advice or just wish to end your week with a few friendly faces, you’re very welcome. 

Here’s what a typical session will look like… we break it down into three sections:

  • One – discussing our wins of the week + what’s working well so we can get inspired by each other’s ideas.
  • Two – sharing our challenges of the week, so we have a opportunity to support one another.
  • Three – discussing a relevant topic that’s topical for HR/Wellbeing.

You don’t need to stay for the entire session (just give as long as you’ve got!) and it’s ok if you feel nervous – you don’t need to contribute loads!

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This HR Professionals Catch Up Sessions will be hosted by Paul McGregor, Jessica Robson and Zoe Parker.