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Wrote this on, March 13, 2024

Lauren’s story

I have recently completed my certificate with Everymind and feel so lucky to have the opportunity to take this short course and expand my skills even further in order to support my colleagues should they need it. I think Everymind at work are wonderful and are opening conversations up around mental health in the work place that haven’t previously been had, and with my Samaritan background I can vouch for just how much this service is needed is after taking calls from people who were at risk due to mental health not being a priority in their work place.

Gordon’s story

My name is Gordon. I have found myself in challenging times whilst recovering from cancer treatment followed by a stem cell transplant. The recovery period from this is unknown. I have struggled with insomnia, fatigue and anxiety as a result. To build my confidence around friends and work colleagues, I have engaged in various wellbeing webinars and courses. There are a number of Wellness apps available from my employer, my GP and the NHS. They are all much of a muchness in suggesting tools to enhance my mental wellbeing.

Of all the courses, sessions and webinars I have done, I found the Everymind Champion course to be one of the most useful resources. I’ve already adopted the Ask, Listen, Signpost approach with a friend and a colleague. I found this very rewarding as one of them opened up to me. I am also planning a ‘Tea & Talk’ within our business as I feel it will be a relief for some of my colleagues. I have copied in the manager that I am hoping will adopt a Tea and Talk session with her team meetings on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Emma’s story

The course has really helped me understand the importance of mental health awareness in the workplace. Prior to the course, I understood the importance of looking after your mental health and wellbeing outside of work, but thought you would need to keep it professional at work and not discuss mental health with colleagues. But this course helped me learn as we spend most of our time at work, its extremely important to be open and honest about mental health. It has also inspired me to join the wellbeing group within my workplace, to increase wellbeing within the office.

Fiona’s story

Sometimes there is just too much information out there about mental health that it gets overwhelming. My colleague sent the Everymind Champion course around and it was a no-brainer. It was great that I could fit in the course in between everything else.

Since learning more about mental health and hearing others be open about their experiences has empowered me to talk about my own experiences with mental ill health.

I think we’re all now becoming more aware of mental health and people are more understanding of how it can affect us.

Leon’s story

Like many, coming out of the pandemic, I really began to recognise what makes me tick. That manifested itself in a career change (enforced because I lost my job). Getting back into the workplace in a hybrid sense felt very different!

Wellbeing and mental health are now very high on my agenda. Both personally and professionally I was feeling a desire to find a mental health course that I could relate to and that could help me support other people in the workplace.

I’ve been very proactive with sharing my learnings about mental health with my team and when I get the opportunity I like to ask people how they’re doing over a coffee. The more I talk about it, the more I see other people doing the same.

One example that springs to mind is a colleague that I don’t often see. I noticed that they were more quiet than normal, and so I made time to catch up with them before the day/workplace got busy. It turned out she did have a lot to get off her chest. I reassured her, and offered her some signposting options like our EAP and also externally and then in the days that followed she shared with me that she’d used those suggestions and things were starting to improve.

Gregor’s story

The biggest impact I see from taking mental health courses is not only being able to understand my own mental health better, but how I can also support others.

I’m a manager on a site, responsible for 230 people. Being able to support people how they need to be supported (rather than a one size fits all) is much more conducive to their wellbeing. It’s a lot of responsibility on my shoulders.

I’ve been going through my own personal stresses and I’m now putting into practise some of the things I’ve learned through the Everymind Champion course. I’ve found it’s helped me segregate the different ways I can help myself and break things down. It puts me in a better position to then be able to support other people too.

Sarah’s story

The ease of following the modules made the learning journey seamless, and the key revelation that our mental health requires the same attention as our physical health truly resonated with me. Having shared this invaluable resource with colleagues, I’ve witnessed the positive impact it’s had on their understanding and approach to mental health—an essential investment in our collective well-being.

Ramona’s story

In the past few years, I’ve really made an effort to look after myself better. Whether it’s going for daily walks or runs, diving into Vipassana meditation courses for my well-being, or simply jotting down things I’m grateful for each day in my journal, these practices have truly made a difference in how I approach life. They’ve helped me become more understanding and compassionate towards others too. It’s like by taking care of myself, I’ve learned how to better care for those around me.

The Everymind Champion Course has been a game-changer for me. It’s not just about reinforcing what I’ve already been doing; it’s given me that extra push to be there for my friends, family, and even acquaintances when they need someone to listen. I’d absolutely recommend it to anyone who’s looking to deepen their understanding of themselves and the people around them. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Mara’s story

As a person who had a severe depression and was pulled out completely out of normal life for 7 months, I found the Everymind champion course great especially as a reminder how important mental health is nowadays.

Since mental health is not visible, it is crucial that every person is aware of what symptoms a mental health sickness can cause as well as how to deal with affected persons and how you can help them. Therefore, I would suggest this course to be taken mandatory once a year, so the topic stays in mind.

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