10 reasons to boost employee resilience

Emily Addison

Wrote this on, January 5, 2022


What Is Resilience?

Resilience does not mean the absence of stress, struggle or hardship, it is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and it can be learned. 

It is not only the ability to cope better in challenging situations but also the ability to be flexible, adapt to new things, learn from our experiences, have an optimistic outlook and know when to ask for help.

Here are 10 key reasons why you want your workforce to be resilient…

10 Reasons To Boost Employee Resilience

1. Resilient employees are more motivated and engaged

Research shows that motivation and engagement are increased for employees with higher resilience. This means that productivity and performance benefit, as well as employee job satisfaction and tenure.

2. Resilience fuels autonomy

Those with higher resilience are known to have a higher sense of self-belief. Coupled with the increased optimism of resilient individuals, having higher self-belief enhances the likelihood of employees feeling empowered to work autonomously.

3. Resilience can boost goal achievement

Resilient employees have a greater sense of control and purpose. This means they are more likely to be aware of their expectations and job role, enhancing the likelihood of task completion and goal achievement. Resilience also helps individuals perform well under pressure, which is crucial for many organisations.

4. Resilience enhances teamwork

Resilient individuals form stronger teams. Interpersonal and communication skills are better in employees with higher resilience which means teamwork is more effective. Team dynamics are positive, whilst communication is open and clear.

5. Resilient employees can easily adapt to change

Resilient individuals are more adaptable and face challenges with a ‘can-do’ attitude. This means they are better able to respond positively to uncertainty and cope with changes that are inevitable within the business world.

6. Resilient employees have better mental health 

Research has shown that individuals with higher resilience are less likely to experience mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Such individuals can better deal with the stressors in life, likely because they have a higher focus on self-care and foster habits that promote positive wellbeing. 

7. Resilience reduces presenteeism and burnout

Research has shown that individuals with higher resilience experience less burnout. This is likely linked to their increased engagement and ability to seek support, thus reducing presenteeism and ultimate burnout. 

8. Resilient employees are open to upskilling and development opportunities

Resilient individuals have a ‘growth mindset’ which means they openly seek new opportunities for growth and development. This will enhance the professional development and career progression of your employees, improving the skills and talents they possess.

9. Resilient employees are willing to give and receive feedback

A growth mindset enables openness to feedback, both in terms of giving and receiving. Combined with better communication, your employees will thrive on developing themselves and the business, positively impacting performance and results.

10. Resilient employees seek support

Employees are more willing to ask for help and support when dealing with difficult situations when resilience is high. This means you will have more open relationships with your employees and be better able to support their needs. 

How Can You Increase Employee Resilience?

To find out how you can make your employees more resilient in 2022, watch our webinar replay and access resources for your employees here.

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