Your Go-To Workplace Wellbeing Resources

Resources For Your Employees

We have collated some information and resources that can normalise the mental health
conversation in the workplace. Feel free to download and share with your employees!

Crisis Intervention

How to take action when you think someone is in crisis.

Ways to Invest In Your Mental Health

Explore all of the different ways that you can invest in your mental health today!

The Everymind at Work Mental Health Support Directory

More than just a directory, this guide helps those in crisis understand exactly where they can find help and what to expect.

Resources For Employers

Here are some resources to help you embed employee wellbeing within your workplace 365 days a year.

Workplace Mental Wellbeing Risk Assessment Form

The assessment every employer needs! We’ve made the process easy and ready to be tailored to your business.

Wellbeing Ideas That Your Employees Will Love

Many companies struggle with how to support their employees with wellbeing initiatives, so we’ve put together a list of ideas for you!

Need an example email to send out with the content?

We’ve put together a template which could be used to support the documents that you can send out!

Dear employees, 

Your wellbeing is important to us.

We are committed to creating a mentally healthy workplace with a positive working culture. We want to create a place where everyone feels supported and comfortable discussing mental health. 

Why Is Mental Health at Work Important? 

It may surprise you that statistically, one in four of us is likely to be experiencing a mental health condition right now, however, everyone will experience mental health struggles at some stage in their lives. This means that we need to help each other to prevent, support and manage mental ill-health. 

Your wellbeing and how you feel when you’re at work is part of our commitment to you. We take responsibility for ensuring you feel safe and happy while you’re at work, physically and mentally.

What Will We Be Doing?

We are {include details about what your organisation is specifically doing and signpost them to the key activity you want them to undertake}.

{At this point you could:

  • Ask for volunteers from across the business to become an Everymind Champion and create a peer support group.  
  • Seek feedback from employees – what is the business doing well? Where could it improve? What are some common stressors or challenges in the workplace? 
  • Host a switch-off session where you don’t talk about work or play games to build on the current community you have.} 

So How Are You Feeling?

A big part of creating a mentally healthy workplace is ensuring we all take care of ourselves and each other. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, how are you currently feeling? Ten being completely happy, fulfilled and satisfied, one reflecting the worst possible feeling. 

Be honest with yourself with this task and give yourself time to think about where you currently are on the mental health spectrum. Giving our mental health a number is often easier to understand and digest, especially if you find it hard to talk about how you are feeling.  There is no right or wrong here but checking in with yourself regularly is a great way to establish what to do next…

Here are some ways you can support yourself:

  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet
  • Exercise regularly
  • Do something you enjoy
  • Connect with others

And, here are some ways you can support others:

  • Express concern and offer practical help (do not force it)
  • Offer your time to listen
  • Reassure them
  • Be patient
  • Act as you usually would with that person, do not treat them differently
  • Let’s all make sure we support each other and work together to make this a truly great place to work.

{If attaching resource 1} We understand it is not always easier to speak with the people you know about mental health. If you find yourself needing support or would like to signpost a friend to further support services, please see the attached support directory which is there to support you.

{If attaching resource 2} When we are concerned about someone, we are often afraid to intervene and feel it is our responsibility to solve their problems. If you are worried that someone might be struggling with their mental health, use this poster to follow the Ask, Listen, Signpost model when reaching out. 

{If attaching resource 3} We have attached to this email some ways in which you can look after yourself. Investing time into your mental health is key – what will you do today to support your own mental health? 

{sign off}

Workplace Wellbeing Activity Ideas…

Scratching your head not knowing what to do? Here are 10 suggestions...

  • 1 Have a ‘Tea & Talk’ session where employees are encouraged to take a proper break to chat with their colleagues
  • 2 Provide ‘Good Mood Food’ as healthy snacks on the day (e.g. avocados, nuts, seeds, fruit, vegetables etc.)
  • 3 Encourage movement – run a virtual exercise session (e.g. yoga) for all employees to take part in
  • 4 Advertise where employees can seek support for mental health using the Everymind at Work Mental Health Support Directory
  • 5 Have a mental health quiz to see how much your employees really know about mental health
  • 6 Run some lunch and learn sessions on understanding mental health and how to improve it
  • 7 Partake in a group challenge or activity for charity – this encourages teamwork whilst doing something for a good cause
  • 8 Run ‘take a break’ sessions with your teams, e.g. a 5-minute stretch at your desk or a team walk
  • 9 Create digital wellbeing packs for your employees, using the resources presented above and on the Everymind at Work website
  • 10 Share a statement about the organisations perspective on mental health – why are you supporting it, why it is important and what you are doing/going to do going forward