Impactful stories,
engaging sessions

Our wellbeing webinars help you tackle specific struggle areas that employees may be facing. Led by compelling personal stories from our speakers, there’s a reason we have a 97% engagement rate.

Let's normalise the challenges that your employees face

Our wellbeing sessions are hosted by credible experts within the industry who lead with their lived experience around mental health and wellbeing. These sessions target specific areas of struggle, helping your employees learn new skills so they're better able to proactively support their own mental health and wellbeing.

Topics we cover

Changing Your Perspective
Around Mental Health

An awareness session helping employees recognise how to proactively support their own mental health along with those around them.

Building Resilience
to Manage Stress

Learn the 4 pillar resilience strategy to help you and your employees deal with difficult situations inside and outside of the workplace.

How to Set Goals
& Achieve Them

In this session, your employees will learn how to embrace the right mindset and set goals in a more practical way.

Avoiding Burnout
in the Workplace

Help your employees better manage workplace stress by utilising specific interventions and techniques to help them feel less overwhelmed.

Dealing With
Imposter Syndrome

Overcome the challenges of imposter syndrome by learning about its impact, how to manage it and ways in which we can improve our self belief.

How to Get
Started With Mindfulness

Give the gift of mindfulness to your employees. They'll learn how to integrate mindfulness into everyday life, helping them manage stress, anxiety and low mood.

Hybrid Working:
Optimising For Wellbeing

In this session, we explain how to stay productive and motivated whilst your working environment dynamically changes on an ongoing basis.

How to Strengthen
Our Connections

Many of us can struggle with loneliness, this session helps individuals overcome these feelings and embrace ways to connect with themselves and those around them.

Neurodiversity In
The Workplace

Learn the importance of a neurodiverse workforce and what employees can do to educate themselves and better understand those around them.

The Relationship
Between Food & Mood

This webinar focuses on how we can develop a healthy relationship with food, uncovering easy changed that we can make to support our wellbeing.

How to Improve
Self Esteem

In this webinar, employees will learn how to develop confidence and acknowledge their capabilities inside an outside of the workplace.

Taking Control of
Our Financial Wellbeing

Delivered by a leading Financial Advisor, employees will receive professional advice on how to better control their financial lives.

Better understand how your employees are feeling

During our wellbeing webinars, we also use anonymous polling to spark conversations and gather further insights for your business. This helps you uncover where further support is needed and removes the guesswork that HR and People Professionals so often battle with!

97% engagement rate on average from sessions delivered

Driven by our own personal experiences and stories around mental health, our sessions aren’t like your typical wellbeing provider. 

They connect with your employees because we deliver from a place of authenticity and lived experience. This helps us connect with one another, just see what our customers say about us here.

This has been an incredibly tough year for so many of our colleagues and we wanted to do everything we could to protect their mental health. We've partnered with Everymind at Work to deliver resilience training to almost 4,000 of our employees, helping them better manage the setbacks and stress of day-to-day life.
Kelly Osborne
Head of Health & Wellbeing, Wates
The fact this app allows my employees to educate themselves around mental health, but also support them in times of need, that for me was why it was so powerful.
Annika de Friend
Founding Director, Source
As we approach some form of ‘new normal’, Everymind at Work will become a key support tool as we go through another big period of change. Having access to the dashboard and their analytics will help us adapt the support we give to our workforce.
Annabelle Hemsley
HR Advisor, SRLV Accountants
We saw a higher engagement than normal and the data Everymind provide is a great way for us to track and monitor where our employees need extra support with their mental wellbeing.
Anna Triggs
HR Manager, Biocair

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