World Suicide Prevention Day: I'm Glad I Am Still Here

World Suicide Prevention Day is 10th September, a day to raise awareness around suicide by having conversations about the topic.

This awareness day is particularly close to the team at Everymind at Work, and with this in mind, we have created the ‘I’m Glad I Am Still Here’ campaign, exclusive to our partners, to enable workplaces we work with to continue the conversation with us and in their organisations.

Talking can save lives. Please remember that if you are worried that someone is going to hurt themselves or be hurt, act immediately and call emergency services. Once someone is safe, they can then start to work on whatever led them to that place where they were at risk and you can signpost them to the support available.

Collectively, we can support one another to disseminate information and reduce the stigma and shame frequently coupled with the word.

When we hear stats about suicide, we can often forget there are lives behind these stats, so we’re bringing you real stories of lived experiences with suicide. Hear the recounts of what led, just four of the many, to feel suicidal and even attempt to take their own lives – but most importantly, why they are glad to still be here today.

Luke Mordue, Film Maker

Hear Luke recount how his attempt at the age of 22 following years of struggles, led him to find new hope and a fruitful career as a film maker.

Katherine Rodden, Actor

Actress Katherine speaks about her spiralling experience of self-harm during her teenage years, and how she found light through acting and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

Jon Salmon, Mental Health Campaigner

After masking his depressive struggles for almost 20 years due to stigma, Jon recognised more needed to be done for men who are suicidal and now speaks about his experience to encourage more men to open up.

Lauren Graham, Primary School Teacher

After losing her twin brother to suicide, Lauren had her own feelings of depression and suicide. Lauren has since gone on to develop coping mechanisms and happiness in other areas of her life whilst navigating through grief.