Workplace Mental Health Stigma: The Elephant In The Room

If we don’t tackle mental health stigma, everything else falls short. In this report, we uncover data that reveals why this must remain a key priority to improve workplace wellbeing.

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Spotting the signs of stigma and building the right solutions into your wellbeing strategy is key. We reveal how employees truly feel when it comes to mental health in the workplace and identify the most effective ways to create a culture of support.

Data insights that fuel your wellbeing strategy

From data collated across 2021 and 2022, we’ve been able to uncover the state of workplace mental health stigma. HR and People Professionals can utilise these findings to prioritise the right initiatives in their wellbeing plans moving forward.

Guidance on effective ways to tackle mental health stigma

We uncover 10 key areas for businesses to focus on if they want to truly create a culture of support. Given stigma is so hard to measure, we provide practical solutions for recognising whether you’re making a difference.

A framework to approach workplace wellbeing

To transform employee wellbeing, we believe that organisations need to implement a wellbeing strategy that is broken down into three key pillars: Promote, Provide and Protect.

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