Wellbeing & Hybrid Working: How HR Can Better Support Employees

Wellbeing Webinar

To make hybrid working a true success, we need to take the right approach and provide employees with the right tools and skills so they’re able to thrive in this new way of working. In this session, Paul McGregor will provide actionable advice on how to support employees in a dynamic working environment so they remain happy, healthy and productive. You’ll learn:

  • How you can help employees avoid burnout and overwhelm with hybrid working
  • How to approach difficult conversations when employees are working from home
  • How to spot mental health issues moving forward

Spotting The Signs of Ill-Mental Health in a Hybrid Workforce

The signs are the same but how they are displayed may differ, this guide helps you recognise them.


The Importance of Asking Twice Poster

An awareness poster to help reaffirm the importance for colleagues to ask twice

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Hybrid Working & Wellbeing Top Tips for HR

A guide to help HR solve the most common employee challenges surrounding hybrid working.

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