How HR Can Tackle Imposter Syndrome In The Workplace

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In this session, Paul McGregor covers what imposter syndrome is along with how it presents itself in the workplace. Most importantly, you’ll learn the most effective ways for HR to address this, looking at:

  • Who is likely to get imposter syndrome and why does it exist.
  • The signs of imposter syndrome in employees and how this impacts work performance.
  • What can exacerbate feelings of imposter syndrome?
  • What HR can do to tackle imposter syndrome in the workplace.

Imposter Syndrome In The Workplace

Increasing your awareness of the signs and how it can be tackled can help reduce its incidence in the workplace. Download this resource to learn more!

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Conversations To Combat Imposter Syndrome

Here are some conversation prompts to have with yourself or your colleagues to help combat imposter syndrome…

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