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Wellbeing Webinar

How To Engage Men Around Mental Health in the Workplace

For Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month, we brought together 4 wellbeing leaders from Starbucks, Royal Mail, Lloyds and Everymind to talk about men’s mental health in the workplace and what HR can do to better support male employees. In this session, we cover:

  • Each speaker’s mental health story and the impact it’s had on their lives
  • The wellbeing initiatives and ideas that have had a meaningful impact, especially in male-dominated environments
  • How HR and businesses can better support male employees
  • How to deal with toxic masculinity in the workplace

Spotting & Supporting Men’s Mental Health

An awareness poster to help you spot the signs that indicate a man might be struggling with his mental health

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Challenge: Mental Health Unmasked

We’ve put together a challenge to help drive awareness around the way we can often ‘mask’ our true feelings.

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