Support after Suicide

Resources Helping You Support Those Bereaved By Suicide

When an individual has lost someone to suicide, they are 80% more likely to drop out of work. However, with good postvention support provided in the workplace and an understanding and educated workforce, we can aim to reduce the statistic and offer better support for those who need it.

Below, you can find resources to help support your employees.

Harnessing Positive Language Changes

Download this poster to help you harness the positive language changes around mental health and suicide.

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Guide To Postvention Support at Work

Find out in this guide how HR can support their employees with suicide postvention.


How To Support Those Bereaved By Suicide

Suicide is a unique grief and often a topic that is avoided. In this guide, we provide some of the best ways of supporting someone bereaved by suicide.

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Why Suicide Prevention Should be Part of Your Wellbeing Strategy

Click here to read our latest blogpost to find out why suicide prevention should be part of your wellbeing strategy.

How To Have Conversations About Suicide

Talking about suicide is hard. We all know that. That’s why in this blogpost we share some tips on how to make that conversation a little bit easier. Click here to learn more.