Stress Awareness Month 2024

Our aim is simple: to allow you to try out different stress-busters and leave feeling totally zen. Each session lets you try out a new stress-reduction technique to help you figure out what works best for you. Here’s what’s in store: Kick back with Kayleigh Fuller and dive into progressive muscle relaxation. Take a breather with James Mace as he guides you through some calming breathwork. Grab your pen and join Jessica Robson for a soothing journaling session. Get grounded with Lauren Callaghan as she shares some grounding techniques to help you feel centred.

Session 1 - Understanding Stress & Progressive Muscle Relaxation (35 mins)

Session 2 - Breathwork (30 mins)

Session 3 - Journaling (30 mins)

Session 4 - Grounding (30 mins)

Useful resources to practice in your own time

Progressive muscle relaxation technique


3 Breathwork techniques


Grounding technique


Journaling for wellbeing