Stress Awareness Month 2022

Stress Reduction Series

For Stress Awareness Month 2022, Jess Robson (Wellbeing Business Consultant) and Lauren Callaghan (Head of Psychology and Clinical Psychologist) hosted a 4-week Stress Reduction Series to help you unlock new tools to manage daily stress.

For those who missed the mini-series, or would like unlimited access to the sessions, you can re-watch them here to help you tackle those stressful situations. For each of the sessions, there is also a useful PDF document for you to download which can be found underneath the videos!

Session 1 - Muscle Relaxation - 30 mins

In the first of this series, we looked at the muscle tension-mind link and how muscle relaxation can help in stressful situations.

Session 2 - Positive Imagery - 30 mins

We looked at the profound effects that positive imagery can have on our mental wellbeing; particularly when we’re stressed.

Session 3 - Helpful Distractions - 30 mins

The session focused on using quick distractions to reduce cortisol levels as often when we’re stressed, the thing that is stressing us the most can be the only thing we think about.

Session 4 - 10 Minute Mental HIIT - 30 mins

We demonstrated a 10 minute mental HIIT session, which is exactly as it’s written. Don’t worry you won’t need your running shoes for this type of HIIT!

Useful Resources For Your Employees

Stress Reduction: Muscle Relaxation

Find out how our body responds to stress with muscle tension and how we can reduce stress through muscle relaxation.


Managing Stress Through Positive Imagery

Download this guide to learn the best ways to manage your stress through positive imagery!


Managing Stress Through Helpful Distractions

Helpful distractions can be small things. Download this poster to learn this tactic to help deal with stress and/or anxiety.


Stress Reduction: 10 Minute Mental HIIT

Download this resource to learn some of the best ways you can practice Mental HIIT!