Your Car: A Metaphor For Your Mind

What do our mind and body have in common with a car? You may think, not much. However, as we navigate our way through life, you may see some commonalities.

Running low on fuel? This could be a sign you’re starting to burn out.
Stuck at a crossroad? Perhaps you need some help making a decision.
Hit a bump in the road? Slow down.

Sometimes we may not realise what our car needs to get us from A to B, that’s why it’s helpful to have regular MOTs. In the same way, being proactive with our health and wellbeing is not only good for us in the present, but it can also help us manage difficult times in the future.

Watch our creative animation where we share some tips to help your mind and body keep ticking over as you travel through life.

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Think Of Your Mind Like A Car


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