MHFA Engagement Resources

Below you’ll find a library of resources at your disposal to engage your MHFAs in supporting their colleagues in the workplace.

Partner Exclusive

What is the MHFA support platform?

Use this video (as presented by our lovely Founder, Paul) to inform your MHFAs of our platform, and how it’ll benefit them in their supporting role.

Supporting Downloads

Our MHFA Services

We appreciate this might be a lot of information for MHFAs to take in so we’ve compiled it neatly in this poster.

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Get your MHFA email banners here

Share these email banners with your MHFAs to encourage more conversation in your workplace.

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Promo material

Here are a couple of posters you can dot around your workplace to let your organisation know who your MHFAs are and how they can be found.

Simply download and edit in your chosen program to add your MHFA photos and captions.

Promoting 6 MHFAs

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Promoting individual MHFAs

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Helpful reminders

Lastly, you’ll find some helpful graphics below that you can share in messenger or social channels to remind your MHFAs what is available to them.

Logging conversations