How Starbucks Created An Impactful Wellbeing Champion

Wellbeing Webinar

In this webinar, Paul McGregor was joined by Lea Ghanem (MHFA & Co-Chair of the Wellbeing Blend at Starbucks) and Robert Wigmore (Co-Chair of the Wellbeing at Starbucks) to discuss how they’ve built a successful Champion programme. It all started with Starbucks elevating their most passionate individuals and creating a network known as ‘The Wellbeing Blend’. These individuals help support their colleagues with their mental health and wellbeing, as well as driving changes towards a positive wellbeing culture in the workplace. In this session, they discuss:

  • The 6 key themes The Wellbeing Blend have utilised as part of their drive for creating an impactful wellbeing champion programme
  • How HR have created, supported and implemented a champion network and the positive impact it’s had on Starbucks’ wellbeing culture
  • The biggest challenges along the way and how The Wellbeing Blend overcame them
  • Their key approach to supporting those ‘hard to reach’ employees

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