2022 Employers Guide to Workplace Wellbeing

Written by HR, for HR. This guide will help you identify your key areas of focus for workplace wellbeing in 2022!

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What you'll learn from this guide...

The 10 key areas every business must focus on

Discover the 10 things businesses need to do in 2022 to improve mental health in the workplace, with actionable steps for each.

Approaches to strengthen working relationships

Creating strong relations between colleagues is a fundamental piece of the wellbeing puzzle. Explore our starting points in the guide.

How to switch from 'reactive' to 'proactive'

2022 calls for MORE businesses to stop being reactive with mental health interventions, we explain how to make the shift.

Why it's key to create the right internal support

There are many benefits to creating a supportive environment. In this guide, we explain how to get internal support right.

Ways you can support work-life balance

Home and work life have blurred. We explain how you should approach these challenges as a business.

How to include wellbeing in your L&D strategy

Businesses often miss that L&D programmes can be a great opportunity to improve workplace mental health.

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