The reasons MHFA isn't working 👇

(and what we can do about it)

The story usually goes something like this..

You find a passionate group of employees who volunteer to become mental health first aiders, they’re sent on the 2-day MHFA course and then they come back to you, fully trained and ready to support their colleagues. But… what then happens?

Usually, not much. Aside from the odd communication, nobody in the business is aware of their role and there’s very little engagement around them. In other cases, things are happening but the business has no visibility of the conversations happening or what impact their MHFAs and Champions are having.

This isn’t about pointing fingers but instead about how we can overcome the problems with MHFA and ensure the right mental health support reaches our employees. The free resources on this page are designed to help you start addressing these challenges…


Taking place on the 1st march at 1pm, Paul will uncover what’s actually going wrong and explain how we can truly ‘activate’ our MHFAs and Champions. To learn more and sign up, simply click below.


How to Promote Your Role as a MHFA or Champion!



We've created a platform to help you support MHFAs!

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