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The webinars and bespoke sessions are delivered in such a refreshing way. They have a real skill in making the content motivational and interactive, which keeps people engaged throughout.
Kelly Osborne
Head of Health & Wellbeing, Wates
The fact this app allows my employees to educate themselves around mental health, but also support them in times of need, that for me was why it was so powerful.
Annika de Friend
Founding Director, Source
Jess and Paul's sessions were brilliant and the response we had was outstanding. More employees have been opening up and talking with us; the feedback we got was amazing and took us by surprise.
Joanne Aldridge
Head of Franchise, Holiday Franchise
It’s not just an app, we have a partnership and we’re given many additional resources that are useful for our employees. We would be doing this even if COVID-19 didn’t hit.
David Hallwood
Finance Director, Aldrich Group

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