Engaging virtual workshops for your people

Our virtual workshops are designed to give your employees comprehensive training around wellbeing and mental health in the workplace.

Resilience Workshop

Looking to provide your employees with the tools they need to be more resilient?

We provide a 2.5 hour interactive workshop that equips your employees with tools that they can implement both personally and professionally.

Participants will walk away with 10 practical exercises, and their own resilience toolbox that will help them to continue developing their resilience.

Management Workshop

Providing managers with the tools to manage their own mental health is key

We provide a 2.5 hour interactive session to help managers support others and provide them with confidence to have those difficult conversations with their team.

It’s a session focused on education but equally, managers will walk away with tools, exercises and activities to help them in their role.

This has been an incredibly tough year for so many of our colleagues and we wanted to do everything we could to protect their mental health. We've partnered with Everymind at Work to deliver resilience training to almost 4,000 of our employees, helping them better manage the setbacks and stress of day-to-day life.
Kelly Osborne
Head of Health & Wellbeing, Wates
The fact this app allows my employees to educate themselves around mental health, but also support them in times of need, that for me was why it was so powerful.
Annika de Friend
Founding Director, Source
As we approach some form of ‘new normal’, Everymind at Work will become a key support tool as we go through another big period of change. Having access to the dashboard and their analytics will help us adapt the support we give to our workforce.
Annabelle Hemsley
HR Advisor, SRLV Accountants
We saw a higher engagement than normal and the data Everymind provide is a great way for us to track and monitor where our employees need extra support with their mental wellbeing.
Anna Triggs
HR Manager, Biocair

Champion Workshop

Activate your mental health champions in your business

This 2 hour workshop is for businesses that want to fully leverage the power of Everymind Champions, helping them understand their role in supporting colleagues and breaking down mental health stigma in the workplace.

Champions will also uncover their “why” and increase their self-awareness so they can understand their own inherent strengths and limitations. They will also learn how to create a personal wellbeing strategy, giving them the confidence to approach a number of workplace mental health scenarios.

Check-in Sessions

Additional support for crucial roles in the business

We provide check-in sessions for your Champions, Managers and MHFAs to ensure they are fully supported in their role. Check-in sessions give individuals the chance to ask questions and help problem solve any of the challenges they’re currently facing.  

These are run on either a monthly or quarterly basis with one of our Wellbeing Business Consultants. Reach out to us if you’d like to learn more about these sessions.

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