5 Simple Techniques to Avoid HR Burnout

Webinar Replay

In this webinar replay, you'll learn:

  • 2 of the most effective methods to boost resilience, including PDFs that you can share with your employees below!
  • Why it’s crucial for HR professionals to look after themselves and how they can protect their wellbeing.
  • Actionable steps on how HR can gauge their team’s resilience, including trigger signs and key questions for 1-on-1s.

Exercise 1: The Everymind Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life is a tool designed to help you understand how balanced, or fulfilled you feel your life is, at this moment.

Download Wheel of Life PDF

Exercise 2: Recognising Your Values

A value is a person’s principles or standards of behaviour – our relationships with these are crucial to our wellbeing.

Download Values PDF