How to Increase Employee Engagement in Your Wellbeing Initiatives

Wellbeing Webinar

In this session, Paul McGregor and Kelly Osborne (Head of Health and Wellbeing at Wates) discuss effective ways to reach your employees – highlighting Kelly’s challenge to engage 4,000+ employees (in the construction industry) who were notoriously difficult to rally around wellbeing initiatives. In the session, they cover:

  • How to reach your ‘unreachable’ employees
  • The common pitfalls businesses make that drive low engagement
  • Why businesses make it harder than it needs to be and how you can avoid making the same mistakes
  • Key tips that drive better engagement with your initiatives

Supporting Downloads

Guide: Top Tips to Engage Employees in Wellbeing Initiatives

Created for HR & People Professionals, we’ve pulled together the most important tips to help you increase engagement with your wellbeing efforts

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