How to Better Assess & Manage Mental Health Scenarios in the Workplace

Webinar Replay

Knowing how to assess or respond to mental health scenarios can be incredibly difficult for HR and People Professionals. Often, businesses provide minimal training and guidance in this area, leaving them to contend with incredibly difficult and complex mental health situations on their own. In this session, we were joined by Darren Ryan (Leading Safeguarding & Risk Management Consultant) to help you more confidently assess and respond to risk, by exploring an effective framework and a series of low, medium and high-risk scenarios that we can apply these learnings to. In this session, we cover:

  • Why a proactive, preventative approach is central to everything
  • Why assessing risk is easier when everyone utilises a consistent framework
  • A peek into a digestible framework that helps assess low, medium and high-risk mental health scenarios in the workplace.
  • A series of examples to help you understand how to apply learnings.
  • The importance of your MHFAs and Champions (and supporting them).

Everymind Safeguarding Framework Guide

In this guide, you are going to be shown two key elements we use at Everymind at Work that are required to form part of our overall safeguarding framework.