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Music and Mental Health

We bring you a series of soothing, motivational, mood boosting sounds to help promote and maintain your mental health.

There aren’t many people out there who don’t enjoy music, there is a genre to suit everyone’s tastes. Whilst music has long been recognised as a universal language that transcends barriers and connects people on a profound level. Its ability to evoke emotions, and memories, and create a sense of belonging is undeniable.

Beyond its artistic creation, music has proven to be a powerful tool for promoting and maintaining good mental health.

We wanted to create a series of playlists in collaboration with renowned musicians, that have a wealth of experience with the likes of One Direction, The Loveable Rogues and JLS, for listeners to enjoy over on our Spotify account (you can scan the code on each of the graphics in Spotify from the carousel below). In addition, you’ll also find a handout highlighting some key data and facts to support the initiative. We started this campaign as a therapeutic space for our audience, so we would like to encourage you to create your own playlists to your support your wellbeing!

Be sure to follow our Spotify as we continue to add playlists for your listening pleasure.

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