The real reason why men avoid mental health in the workplace

Webinar Replay

Every year, we ask ourselves the same question: How can we engage more men around mental health? Our challenge lies in that, while men are at the highest risk of suicide, they’re also, as a group, one of the most difficult to openly talk about mental health. While it may feel like we’ve been banging the drum for years, many initiatives and approaches have still fallen short. Our ability to make a difference lies within our ability to break down the barriers that prevent men from speaking.

In this live panel session, we’ll hear different perspectives looking at:

  • How we can engage more men with MHFA and Champion networks.
  • The approach to take within male-dominated industries.
  • Why ‘shoulder-to-shoulder’ concept is key & how to implement it in your initiatives
  • Why many past efforts have failed to succeed.
The real reason why men avoid mental health in the workplace

Supporting Downloads

A framework to engage men in wellbeing initiatives

With this framework, we unveil the essential principles required to develop initiatives that effectively engage men, ensuring that efforts are not only well-intentioned but impactful and relevant to their needs