The #1 Mistake Businesses Make With Mental Health First Aid

Webinar Replay

Inside every business there are passionate employees who want to support others and simply do more. These are your MHFAs and your Champions. But often they’re unable to reach their true potential due to poor recruitment, lack of engagement, minimal support and no way to track impact. To make your programme a success, we have to change our approach and address these challenges (including the biggest mistake of all, revealed in the session). In this session, Paul will discuss:

The biggest mistake we see time and time again when it comes to MHFA.
How to overcome the biggest hurdles (no matter where you are in your journey).
How you can create a ‘ripple effect’, activating your MHFAs and Champions so they inspire and support others.
PLUS we’ll be unveiling something truly special to help you make MHFAs and Champions a success in your business!

Supporting Downloads

Your MHFA Recruitment Poster

Helping you articulate your wellbeing strategy and ensure the key areas for consideration are captured.


Everymind Wellbeing Strategy Checklist

A checklist that helps you overcome the most pressing challenges when implementing and executive your strategy.