Everydog at Work

Without any real effort, dogs have a natural disposition to make the most of life. This includes being open for cuddles at all times, to enjoying the present moment whilst chasing a ball. (And even how to manipulate their owner for an extra treat).

By and large, what dogs know, has been taught by humans. However, we often overlook what they can teach us about our mental health.

To showcase this, we cast four pooches, Ellie, Isla, Ava and Oakley (by cast, we mean we bribed them with treats) to bring you a short film about what we can learn from these loveable creatures on how to live life.

Whilst the cuddly animals can teach us a lot, we wanted you to think about what your pet does for your wellbeing. This isn’t exclusive to dog owners either. Whether you own a cat, a rabbit, a chicken or something more exotic, what do they do for you? Do they encourage you to get outside? Do they comfort you when you’re feeling sad?

Below, you’ll find a small graphic for you to download to share yours in your workplace! The graphic is editable and gives you the ability to add a photo of your pet and to express your thoughts.

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