Implementing MHFA & Champions: Get Your Questions Answered

Webinar Replay

In this Q&A session, Paul answers your biggest questions on building a successful MHFA and Champion network in the workplace! While many businesses have implemented peer-to-peer support networks, the level of success has varied greatly. When backed by a clear strategy, well-defined structure, and continuous support, we see significant success. Watch back this Q&A session, to learn how to address some of the biggest challenges, including:

  • Why most businesses get MHFA and Champion recruitment wrong (and how to address it).
  • How you can structure your MHFA and Champion networks effectively.
  • How to market MHFA & Champion networks well.
  • Ways you can provide both networks with ongoing wellbeing support.
  • How you can help Champions share their story responsibly and safely.

Supporting Downloads

Guide: Establishing Boundaries as a MHFA

Setting boundaries can often be the most challenging part of the MHFA role. Very easily we can find ourselves offering a lot of our time and energy to other people, whilst forgetting to take care of our own mental wellbeing. Knowing where to draw the line can be hard, but here are some ideas.