How to Get Vulnerability Right in the Workplace

Wellbeing Webinar

Vulnerability has meant many things over the years, but only now are businesses truly understanding how important vulnerability is for building a healthy culture and creating meaningful bonds between employees.

In this session, Paul McGregor (Founder, Everymind at Work) was joined by Matthew Bagwell (Transformational Coach, Advanced Oxygen Advantage® Instructor and Mental Health Ambassador) and David Liversage (Mindfulness Coach & Practitioner). Together they discuss:

  • What it means to be vulnerable and the most common mistakes we see
  • How to find the right balance in sharing and the degrees of vulnerability
  • How HR can create a culture of safety that promotes sharing
  • Why storytelling is at the heart of connection
  • How leaders and managers can role model vulnerability

Supporting Downloads

Spotting & Supporting Men’s Mental Health Poster

This poster will help you drive awareness to your employees around the signs to look out for.


Ideas To Encourage Vulnerability In The Workplace

Take a look at some of our ideas to help encourage vulnerability in the workplace.