How to Get Senior Buy-In With Your Wellbeing Strategy


Putting together a compelling business case has never been easy… but with budgets being stripped back, the bar just got higher. A strong business case is just as important as articulating your strategy and many organisations start with good intentions around wellbeing but simply end up with a list of activities or solutions, some internal, some from external providers, which although help, cannot be classed as a ‘wellbeing strategy’ or ‘business case’. In this session, Paul will walk through:

  • The importance of taking an integrated approach to building your wellbeing strategy and business case
  • The key questions you need to ask yourself when creating your case
  • A 7-step framework to help you craft a compelling business case
  • Techniques to help influence leadership
  • A supporting business case guide to help guide you!

Supporting Downloads

Securing Leadership Buy-In: Your Business Case Blueprint

This guide is a simple tool to help support you in preparing a business case for your senior leadership team.