Boosting engagement with your MHFA network: lessons learned

Webinar Replay

“We launched our MHFA network and everyone was excited but… it just fell flat. We’ve had hardly any engagement and have just felt stuck since!”

Sound familiar? We’ve spoken to countless HR and People professionals who’ve established an MHFA or Champions network within their organisation but feel it’s not effective (and don’t know what to do). Engagement is often the biggest challenge here. That’s why in this session, we’re going to reveal how you can reengage your network, no matter where it’s at currently and uncover some of the biggest lessons we’ve learned in reviving MHFA and Champion networks. The live session will be led by Paul McGregor (Founder, Everymind at Work) where you’ll learn:

  • Step-by-step guidance on assessing your network using our ‘audit’ – we’ll uncover this in the session!
  • The common mistakes organisations make that lead to a lack of engagement
  • How to identify potential risks that the business might be unaware of due to the lack of support and engagement for your MHFA network
  • Practical ways to boost engagement and revitalise your network, with lessons learnt from 100+ companies.

Supporting Downloads

Evaluating MHFA & Champion networks: a comprehensive audit​

No matter how disengaged a network is, we believe organisations can turn around the investment in their MHFAs or Champions. Knowing where the gaps are and how to solve the core implementation issues is the backdrop of why this audit was designed, helping you to evaluate your wellbeing network