How HR Can Approach Bereavement In The Workplace

Webinar Replay

Grief is a deeply unique, challenging and profound emotion that we experience in life. Despite a number of models that look to address the stages of grief, the reality is that grief looks very different to every individual. With this in mind, we’re going to uncover how we can approach grief and bereavement in the workplace, examining what a truly empathetic approach looks like and how HR can help promote a culture of support. In this session, Paul and James discuss:

  • What grief actually is and what it can do to someone
  • How to empathetically support bereaved employees
  • How HR can get managers to be proactive in supporting a member of their team going through bereavement
  • How to know if someone is ‘masking’ and how to approach this

Supporting Downloads

Ways of Understanding Grief

Learn about two models which help to explain how grief can be experienced.


How HR and Manager Can Support Employees Through Grief

Guidance for HR and managers supporting an employee through bereavement.