Best HR Apps for 2020


Wrote this on, August 4, 2020

Best HR apps for 2020
The role of a HR Manager surpasses paying salaries and employing new recruits. Rather, it encompasses a frontal role spanning the breadth of the business. Through technological development the role of HR requires strategy and data insights. With that in mind, here are the best HR apps for 2020 from onboarding and payroll to communication and time management to help your business succeed.

Productivity Apps


This high visual productivity app gives the user the ability to create different boards for different projects. Created boards can be shared with relevant team members who need to be kept abreast of what is happening and when. Work can be synced across different devices enabling you to tackle to-do lists, tasks and share attachments. Trello is a highly effective app when remote working and for those who need to effectively manage projects without wading through a complex, specialised project management app for organisations of any size.

Google Drive

This cloud-based sharing tool is an easy-to-use platform for companies to keep up-to-date documents all in one place. With edits done in real-time, employees can share data and information quickly and efficiently without sending emails, sharing files or risk documents being deleted. By freeing up space on your hard drive, Google Drive works well for businesses both large and small for HR managers, employees and even external individuals to gain access to documents from just about any device with a working connection.


Procrastination is 2020s ultimate devil. Working from home comes with a range of distractions from helping children with school work to talking with family and cooking. Toggl offers a range of features for time tracking and general human resources management. The app then offers detailed insights and opportunities to optimise your workflow by identifying areas in which the employee can improve. With the ability to use the app across many different devices and at both individual and team level, HR managers of any sized organisation can keep on top of what teams spend most of their time doing.


The comprehensive HR suite of Cezanne allows HR managers to work smarter, not harder. Through this cloud-based software, managers can log on and access performance reviews and PTO requests. With a detailed reporting functionality and integrated benefits and payroll option HR managers core tasks can be done right at their fingertips. Cezanne’s robust suite is ideal for mid-sized and growing small businesses. The software is secure and aids streamlining HR activities saving time for HR managers to work smarter.

Best HR appsHalogen Talent Space

Halogen Talent Space provides a HR app and set of tools for HR managers to effectively manage, and optimise the productivity of their workforce. For maximum potential, the app has built-in performance tracking, 360 feedback, succession planning and benefits management. Halogen Talent Space is particularly beneficial for businesses in the healthcare, professional services and the public sector who require strong HR management. With a strong focus on higher employee performance, HR managers may also find this platform helpful to streamline recruitment, learning and development, succession planning or compensation.


If you’re looking to enhance your business’ skillset and pride yourself on training and development, eloomi is the HR app for all your needs. Boasting the solution to learning and performance management, course building and report generation, eloomi channels everything you need to upskill your workforce. Here employers can track progress against KPIs of their employees and offer them online training where needed. Data from tracking is then compiled and can be searchable on an individual or company level so you’re able to see how your business is doing.

HR Payroll Apps


Tracking PTO and work calendars can be a mind-boggling task, with Namely’s customisable dashboard you can track payroll, benefits, admin, employee performance reviews, and planning scaled to the size of your business. Ideal for medium-sized businesses, this full functioning platform helps HR managers with every aspect of the employee’s lifecycle. With built-in configuration permission settings, you can be sure only credentialed users can access sensitive information.


Zenefits takes the stress out of managing payroll. The centralised dashboard allows HR managers to keep up to date on important HR information from payroll to tracking time off and budget management. With the ability to handle cumbersome tasks directly from either your computer or smartphone, Zenefits is a beneficial HR app for smaller businesses so you’re able to channel your focus on achieving business goals and increasing growth.

Best HR appsJustWorks

For small businesses, growth is your biggest goal. So your team can focus on larger hands-on tasks, JustWorks allows for HR managers to leave smaller tasks to technology. With a full-integrated space that operates as an employee database, and attendance and benefits management platform, the HR app makes recruiting easy and affordable. The modern and intuitive interface helps to automate payroll and reduces having to make unwanted phone calls to complete minor HR tasks, saving the HR team time and money.


Recruitment processes today are powered by algorithms and screening tools however are you sure you’re sourcing the best talent? ClearCompany helps companies hire the perfect individuals for their teams and review employees once onboarded acting as your human resources wing partner. The ClearCompany app enables HR managers to review ‘A players’ and engage with their employees for performance and goal-setting. By focusing on improving performance and promoting inclusion, ClearCompany offers HR managers a solid solution in reducing workplace sickness and improving overall well being and happiness.


The easy-to-use interface of Gusto makes payroll pain-free. This intuitive app onboards new users within minutes, with the option for new users to self-onboard to save administration time. Furthermore, allow the HR software to calculate and submit payroll filings and taxes with access to HR, benefits and payroll in one place. Ideal for small businesses to leave smaller mundane tasks to the hands of technology Gusto prides itself on being a people-focused app for the benefit of HR managers.

APS OnLine

Workforce management is an integral part of being a HR manager, however it needn’t feel like additional work. APS OnLine works as a centralised system to access all relevant HR information including payroll, attendance information and detailed reporting. The app also allows for employees to clock in via their mobile whilst HR managers can conduct all relevant HR tasks from their mobile too. Perfect for small businesses who often find themselves wearing many different hats, APS OnLine supports a HR manager in a straightforward and simple manner to save time, and paperwork.

Optimum HRIS

The modern interface of Optimum HRIS was built with flexibility in mind. Available as a cloud-based solution the database helps HR managers of larger organisations tackle difficult and unmanageable tasks in tracking attendance, benefits management and compliance management all in one place. With Optimum HRIS, HR departments can store unlimited amounts of employee records making this an ideal platform for large corporate businesses as well as SMEs.


Working through CVs and application forms can be cumbersome for even SMEs. WorkBright looks after the planet and your business by taking the paperwork out of employee onboarding by reducing administrative overhead. WorkBright works on any device and accepts an unlimited number of mobile uploads. The dashboard works by allowing employees to complete all the relevant documentation on WorkBright before they are enrolled, and businesses can send new starters a welcome email.

Best HR appsDocusign

Onboarding new employees requires reliability and security. Docusign offers a digital solution for signing important documents. You can send reminders where needed and arrange documents to make filing them away easier to save time for any HR department. Docusign works great for any sized business and is ideal for remote working.

HR Recruitment Apps

QPage Powered by AI, QPage is an end-to-end recruitment automation solution for both large and small businesses to help with HR processes, tracking applicants and onboard new employees. The dashboard displays auto job description recommendations, candidate shortlisting, semi crowd-sourced interviews, assessment kits, dynamic vacancy pipeline, reporting and more.


Hosting remote interviews powered by jaded connectivity and dipping signals is painful for both the candidate and the employer. VidCruiter is a nifty app that allows the user to conduct customised video interviews for any recruitment scenario to help any sized business. The user can decide on the number of questions they want to ask and can give the candidate the option to pre-record their answers. With multiple interviewers able to attend through VidCruiter remote video interviewing couldn’t be easier.

Employee Communication Apps


Ideal for small to medium businesses that operate under shifts. This HR software can track multiple employee shifts by the hour, plans shifts, assigns tasks and sends out messages you want to communicate to your employees. From their mobile phone, employees can track their schedules, message colleagues and swap their shifts through Branch. Messages are sent directly to employees to notify them of new activities, schedule changes and PTO approvals. With a focus on employee wellbeing, Branch aims to put employees’ minds at rest paycheck to paycheck.


If you run a restaurant business or your company requires shift work MySchedule is an ideal method for both you and your employees to keep on top of schedules. The mobile app allows for employees to check their schedules and make requests through the app for holiday and to swap shifts. By facilitating a solution to communication between management and the employee, you are able to communicate with your employees by making announcements or sending direct messages.

Best HR appsDeputy App

For those HR managers with an ever-increasing to-do list and HR processes, Deputy App might just be the right-hand man you need. This all-in-one staff scheduling app features the ability to create and publish schedules before you even have your diary open. With the click of a button, you can share schedules with team members and export to payroll where needed for maximum workplace communication. Including payroll integration, and rostering Deputy is the solution to communication between employees and HR, whether remotely or on-site. From their mobile phone, this nifty app allows employees to clock-in and with geo-location or face recognition. For reporting and tracking purposes the app also has a downloadable feature for spreadsheets to be saved to a HR manager’s desktop.

Kronos Workforce Ready Suite

Today, we’re overloaded with information, however with Kronos channeling information to make informed decisions has never been easier. Kronos is the HR solution to manage payroll, applicant tracking, and more all from your mobile. Using memory computing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) Kronos possesses many features and capabilities for organisation to work efficiently and collaboratively. Including single-click actions to makeshift changes and request PTO, employee self-service and the ability to use the HR software on any device.

Employee Mental Health Apps 

Quantum Workplace

Designed for employee engagement, Quantum Workplace offers a space for surveys, goals, recognition, feedback, ideas, alerts and analytics. With the option to launch employee surveys with customisable templates for feedback from your employees this platform aims to find a happy medium between employees and HR managers. Furthermore, the app provides functionality for employees to implement and track personal goals in real-time, whilst obtaining peer to peer feedback for optimal productivity and wellbeing in the workplace.


Personality and character is as important as skill and experience when building a successful workplace team, particularly when it comes to productivity and how much we enjoy being at work. WorkStyle is an app that measures employees’ personality through a series of psychometric tests and self service . Once completed the HR software will display the individual’s strength. Built as your technological psychologist, the idea is for employers to gauge the individual’s working style preference and gives insight into team level analytics in hope to improve communication, effectiveness and overall happiness within the team.


Everymind’s customisable interface caters to your business and the employee with personalised content and built-in information. With a mission to normalise mental health conversations in the workplace, Everymind allows employees to work in an environment where their wellbeing comes first. Through this easy-to-use piece of technology, individuals can customise the interface depending on their mental health struggles. Load the app with your company policy and HR information for personalised data channelled to your business and employee wellbeing needs.

Bamboo HR

This cloud-based HR system makes booking PTO for employees quick and easy, and hassle-free for HR managers. Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses Bamboo HR’s user-friendly tool includes a self service applicant tracking system, payroll processing but most importantly employee engagement and employee satisfaction to keep track of their mental health and wellbeing. Everymind is currently offering 6 months free to all businesses, with no obligation to sign. If you believe we can help your business and the wellbeing of your employees contact us today.

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