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We’re on a mission to normalise mental health conversations in the workplace.

Moving away from the current reactive approach, and instead focusing on proactive mental health support.

And after partnering with numerous Recruitment companies over the past few months, we wanted to release this FREE REPORT highlighting insights into how recruitment businesses can help you support their employees during this difficult time.

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My name is Paul, the Founder of Everymind at Work and I want to be honest with you.

My life was pretty ‘care free’ up until I was 18. I grew up in a loving household, I was pretty academic at school and I played football nearly every minute I had spare.

My life was following a pretty ‘normal’ path, but then my life was turned upside down…

At 18, my Dad who showed no signs of depression or previous struggles with mental health, my Dad who had ‘everything’ on paper attempted suicide. Just 2 days in to my new job.

His attempt came as a shock to us all, but he miraculously survived the accident. And after a few weeks in hospital physically recovering, he was home. But even though at the time we thought we’d escaped a nightmare, things got worse. And on the 4th March 2009, just 6 months after his first sign of depression my dad took his own life.

I continue to share my experiences and the experiences of others, standing up to the stigma that surrounds mental health and strive towards early intervention and better support for those who need it.

I started Everymind at Work because after personally speaking at large corporations such as Lloyds TSB and Warner Brothers alongside smaller businesses, it became clear that there wasn’t a proactive solution to supporting businesses of all sizes.

There also still continued to be a one size fits all approach to supporting employees mental health, there wasn’t a tailored approach. Everymind at work became that solution I wish my Dad had when he was going through his struggles at work…

We provide mental health support in your employees pockets, whenever they need it through our mobile app.

Alongside working alongside you providing you anonymous analytics to help you with your wellbeing strategy moving forward.

Whether we can support you further or not, I really do appreciate you listening and downloading the free guide.

Thank you!

Paul McGregor (Founder of Everymind at Work)

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