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Your answers suggest that the mental health and wellbeing of your employees may benefit from initiatives that fit into our PROMOTE pillar.

Pillar 1: Promote. The promote pillar aims to create a healthy working environment by removing as many workplace stressors as possible. It focuses on the causes of stress and involves reducing the stigma around mental health, increasing awareness and creating a supportive environment for employees to excel. Evidence-based interventions that support this pillar include job skill training, workload management and employee recognition. This stage is preventative and targets the work environment, technologies and structures used by your organisation.

Our top three recommendations for organisations hoping to build initiatives in the Promote pillar are:

  • 1
    Re-assess your communication channels.
    Ensuring employees receive the right messages at the right time is paramount to not only business success but employee wellbeing. Good, effective communication can ensure that your team is a happy, healthy entity, working well towards the common goals of the business. This is particularly relevant if your company practices and procedures have recently changed.
  • 2
    Regularly recognise your employees for their contributions and achievements.
    Simple gestures can go a long way, especially when the effects of the pandemic have increased anxiety and uncertainty among employees. Employee recognition can boost morale, productivity and performance, as well having a positive effect on your company culture.
  • 3
    End the stigma around mental health at work.
    Make mental health and wellbeing a regular topic of conversation within your organisation; making sure that employees know where/who to turn to should they need help.

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